shot blasted pavers

Shot Blasted Paver Blocks In Bangalore, India

We are here to provide quality Shot Blasted Paver Blocks products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in a delivering products that will improve
the aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision


Style earth flooring specialize in manufacturing and supplying of shot blasted pavers and shot blasted tiles. Marked by the accuracy of short blasting techniques, our Shot Blasting Pavers and Tiles provide a fine touch of rough texture and properties. As a result of the textured surface and exposed aggregates, it gives an architectural finish to the surface. The Shot Blasted Paving Blocks products are not only widely accepted because it’s easy to install, but also because it looks great, it’s distinctive and it’s also affordable. No doubt, the products are an excellent choice for premium pavers.


Shot Blast Concrete Pavers

Our short blast tiles gives an aesthetic look fastened with quality, elegance and long lasting performance. Available in a wide range of shapes, textures and colors, our Shot Blasting Pavement products never let you’re your selection choice. Whether the desired look is modern and classic, weathered and rustic, our short blast tiles are a wonderful medium for crafting distinctive designs.

Advantages of

Shot Blast Paving Blocks

Economic value: Considering the durability, flexibility and low maintenance, it offers a greater value for the money you spend.

Durability: The ability to withstand pressure/temperature, wear and heavy loads makes our products unquestionable choice for residential and commercial projects.

Flexibility and Low maintenance: The products are highly flexible to be used for variety of applications. They need low maintenance as well.

Sustainability: You can accomplish sustainability with our shot blasted pavers and tiles.