Precast Compound Wall

Precast Compound Wall

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Style Earth Flooring, Bangalore, India is a Manufactures and Suppliers of Precast Compound Wall, Precast Concrete Wall, Precast Compound Wall Panels, Precast Concrete Compound Wall .

These Precast Compound Walls are obtainable in different sizes, design with unique outlook and are used as in place of conservative bricks or stones used for building boundary walls. This is the most cheapest and dependable product that we are providing to our clients. Our Precast Compound Wall is High impact resistance, Resistant to weather.


Compound Wall Application

Precast concrete wall systems offer a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures, and finishes to the designer. As a result, the assessment of samples is a key component in the use of precast concrete. The majority of the review and approval process is conducted at the precast plant prior to precast panel production. This assessment is in addition to the quality control and field testing that takes place during the production phase.

Typically, each precast panel is independently supported to the building structure using an assemblage of metal components and anchors. Joints around each of the precast panels are usually filled with sealant.

Advantages of

Precast Compound Wall

In most cases, the architect selects the cladding material for appearance, provides details for weatherproofing, and specifies performance criteria.

Our Precast  Compound walls are fast and easy to construct and have a virtually unlimited life. These Precast Concrete walls are low maintenance and do not deteriorate with time.