Paver Blocks

Paver Blocks Manufacturers Bangalore, India

We are here to provide quality Paver Blocks products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in a delivering products that will improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision come true.


Style earth flooring is skilled in manufacturing and supplying a broad variety of Paver Blocks, Paving Tiles, Paving slabs in line with customer and industry requirements. Manufactured using high quality raw materials and state of the art technology, our products delivers outstanding strength and durability. As our Paving Block products are tested against various parameters such as the splitting strength and weathering – one doesn’t need to be concerned about its strength and quality, therefore. Our range of products includes Paving Tiles and Paving Slabs that are available to customers in various specifications according to its application.



Block paving find its use in variety of applications from heavy duty areas such as industrial units, airport pavements, and stacking yards to residential areas and landscaping projects. Different laying patterns can be achieved through our varied style, shape and toned paver blocks. Worn out roads and hard-standings can be reinforced by the covering of paver blocks on a sand laying course. Paver blocks are often used for paving city streets and for covering or applying to more traveled portions such as pedestrian areas, driveways, trafficked areas and so.

Our range of paving slabs and paving tiles are designed to convert your garden space or courtyard into stunning attractive place. Most of our collections come in a selection of variety of size and tones for you to choose from.



Our  Paver Blocks are available in a continually expanding size, shape and colors and the completed products can be installed in various laying patterns to suit the customer’s perception.

The use of Paving Blocks are growing rapidly on both commercial and residential projects. It found its usage in following applications:

Aesthetically improved Block Pavers,  Paving Slabs and Paving Tiles at very much reduced costs are thus made available customers.