Landscape Tiles

Landscape Tiles Manufacturer Bangalore, India

We are here to provide quality cobble stones products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in
a delivering products that will improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision come true.


Some want their property to have highlighted in different ways; they choose promising options to make the areas attractive and lured. Landscape tiles are the kind that will be sure to draw eyes.

To create wonderful patios, boulevards and paths and to make more economically than natural stones, Style earth flooring brings in a peerless collection of landscape tiles to use in a variety of applications. Available in a comprehensive range of choices, sizes, and colors, our products are fabricated in multiple molds to enhance its natural beauty. The conformity that we keep in the size and thicknesses and the material we use, make it easier for the pavers to use it as convenient as they want.


Landscape Tiles

We leverage our expertise to manufacture and deliver quality long lasting landscape tiles. Due to its quality of being strong and trustworthy, our landscape tiles and landscape stones have grabbed the attention of designers, architects and property owners. The products are resistant to chemicals, scratch, frost, and fire.

Advantages of

Landscape Tiles

From courtyard flooring to decorative arrangements for pools and walkways, our landscape  product have long been the premier surface finish for the landscaping projects. Durable and water resistant, the tiles are able to withstand tough weather and heavy foot traffic.

Be it any sort of residential or commercial projects, we can customize its design to create excellent, unique installation for all indoor and outdoor landscape projects. We make your ordering for the landscape stones and tiles for all your landscape needs fast and keeping its quality.