Interlock Paver

Interlock Paver Block Manufacturer Bangalore, India

We are here to provide quality Interlock Pavers products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in a delivering products that will improve
the aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision come true.


Looking to aesthetically improve your landscape architecture? Interlock Paving Blocks are the answer to achieve the look you want.

At Style earth flooring, we manufacture and supply finest quality Inter Locking Paver Blocks, Interlocking Blocks, Interlocking Tiles, and Concrete Interlocking Tiles to the various requirements of the clients. There is a plethora of colors, patterns and textures available to choose from. Manufactured using accepted standards and raw materials and under strict supervision, our Interlock Paver Block products can be applied for purposes ranging from creating a play space to carving out a separate kitchen area and other landscape projects.


Our products, Interlocking Paving Blocks, have the ability to retain their attractiveness with quite low maintenance and besides they can endure harsh weather. And it comes in different design themes and is available in a wide range of colors, shaped and size. Designed to connect with your own sense of style, these fine Interlock Pavers, Interlock Paving Blocks and tiles inspire creativity and offer virtually endless design possibilities.

Let us help you make the landscape around your home or property just as welcoming, functional, and beautiful as the inside.

Interlock Paving

Commercial Use

Parking areas – The parking areas in the commercial area need to be durable and has to bear the heavy loads. Our interlocking pavers will be perfect for these areas because of their rigid structure.

Streets – As the street has to deal traffic, the track must be safe and durable, which are two of the characteristics of our products.

Shopping malls – Our products are ideal for shopping centers because of its various design options. The mall surfaces must be attractive and keep it safe from accidental slippage – the users will never be the case when you use our interlocking tiles, and blocks, Inter Locking Paver Blocks. We are the leading Interlock Paver Block Manufacturer.


Paver Residential

Patios – Patios will look more attractive with our right interlocking concrete pavers. Making various designs or themes is also easy using these materials, Inter Locking Paver Blocks In Bangalore.

Walkways – It’s important to have slip-resistant materials for walkways to avoid accidents. Our interlock pavers, Inter Locking Paver Blocks are constructed with a slip-proof texture to ensure the safety of everyone walking around your property.

Driveways – Residential driveways must be long-standing and our products ensures the same. As the products are built to withstand high pressure and traffic it is ideal for making driveways.