Grass Paver

Grass Paver Manufacturers In Bangalore, India

We are here to provide quality Grass Grid Paver products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in a delivering products that will improve
the aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision come true.


Style Earth Flooring is the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Grass Pavers in Bangalore, Karnataka , India. We offer Concrete Grass Paver blocks for sale at reasonable price.

Grass Pavers, Grass Grid Pavers are an effective eco-friendly solution for drive ways and parking areas than the traditional pavers. It is an excellent choice to creating attractive paths, courtyards and street parking areas, and moreover it is effective in preventing soil erosion and to be used in water management efforts.



Style earth flooring has solutions to fulfill your various needs; be it your commercial needs or residential needs. Our Concrete Grass Paver blocks turn out well to be used for applications such as walkways, parking lots, heavy use pedestrian paths, loading bays etc…  Our Grass Pavers  are proven to be friendly to the environment. It manages the considerable amount of rain water by not allowing to flow straight to waterways and drainage systems.

The grasscrete block is a strengthened concrete cast with voids in it in which you can grow grass or fill other things. Our Grass Grid Paving Grids products are extremely eco-friendly that provides a natural look to your landscape. Like other pavers,  our Grass Block Pavers withstands high pressure, traffic and is flexible in nature and low cost maintenance .

Grass Grid Paver Blocks

Residential Applications

Parking areas: Looking to make your parking areas so stunning and enticing? Our high quality grass pavers and blocks can be the solution to make the space as natural as you can.

Driveways: The driveways can be adapted to a more aesthetic look with our grass pavers and blocks. our Grass Pavers for Driveway can withstand the medium to heavy traffic loads and foot traffic in the area.

Jogging paths: Our premium Grass Grid Pavers are ideal for paving jogging paths and walkways. One can have a comfortable jogging wherein the joggers feel as if they jog in a natural path.

Patios: You can make the courtyard or the patios enticing and relaxing with our quality grass pavers, grass grid and grasscrete blocks.

Grass Grid Paving Block

Commercial Applications

Walkways: Our grass pavers are ideal to use in a wide range of applications including constructing walkways.

Parking lots: With the grass pavers, the parking lots in a commercial can be aesthetically improved. It finds its use in the shopping malls, industries, and sports centers.

Paths for golf carts: Gold course is all about greenery. To match that greenery in the golf cart path, our grass pavers are an exceptional choice.

Erosion control: Our pavers are effective in handling soil erosion and to make the land stable.