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Paving Blocks and Pre-Cast Concrete Products Manufacturers Bangalore, India


Styleearth Flooring

Our team of experts can assist you in providing effective solutions to all your paving needs.

Style Earth Flooring is an ISO Certified company and expertise in manufacturing of vast range of Paving Blocks, Landscaping Products and Precast Concrete Products. Our team of professionals makes every  single product as the signature. Its the reason why we established as the top Paver Blocks and Precast concrete products manufacture in Bangalore, India. Style Earth Flooring focuses on Innovative products instead of its size and complexity based on clients needs. Our Paving and precast concrete products are extensively find its use in a variety of commercially and residential applications.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of:
What we Manufacture in our  Precast Concrete division Bangalore:

We manufacture and deliver Paver Products, Landscaping Products and Precast Concrete Products for all Commercial, Residential and Industrial use. Style Earth Flooring is one among the top Paver Blocks, Precast concrete product manufactures in Bangalore, India. Since its started in the year 2019 in Bangalore, Our Enduring commitment and dedication in the Industry, We have emerge as a trusted company. Our skilled workers are pleased to serve you with Innovative Paving Block & Precast concrete Products.



The portfolio of products we develop and deal include

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Paving Products

We are here to provide quality products at reasonable price. We pride ourselves in a delivering products that will improve the
aesthetics of your landscape. Let your vision come true


Paver Blocks

Style Earth Flooring is skilled in manufacturing and supplying a broad variety of paver block in line with customer and industry requirements. Manufactured using high quality raw materials and state of the art technology, our products delivers outstanding strength and durability.


Concrete Paver Blocks

The strength of sub-base is what supports the surface from heavy loads to a great extent. Here comes importance of concrete paver blocks. Style earth flooring is a leading manufacturer and supplier for concrete paver blocks. Suitable for heavily trafficked areas, Light & Medium traffic.


Interlock Pavers

Looking to aesthetically improve your landscape architecture? Interlocking pavers are the answer to achieve the look you want. We manufacture and supply finest quality interlocking pavers, interlocking blocks, interlocking tiles, and concrete interlocking tiles to the various requirements


Shot Blasted Pavers

Style Earth Flooring specialize in manufacturing and supplying of shot blasted pavers and shot blasted tiles. Marked by the accuracy of short blasting techniques, our short blasted pavers and tiles provide a fine touch of rough texture and properties. Excellent choice for premium pavers.